Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review: Dodie's II; "Ya don't havta go to new Orleans", Carrollton, Texas

My wife and I met up with some friends at our local hangout in Carrollton, Texas last night; Dodie's II. Its a genuine Cajun place, according to the Dallas Morning News, with a following. Their tag line is "ya don't havta go to New Orleans".

Dodie's II is located in a strip shopping center on the Northeast corner of Josey lane and the George Bush Tollway (SH 190). Its a nice hangout with about 70 seats and a full service bar. Service is always down home and friendly, food is always good, and the drinks keep coming. I have only had one thing that I don't particularly care for, but it is mostly a culture thing I think, and that is their vinegar based Cole Slaw. Otherwise; I have eaten practically everything on their menu and it is always well prepared and delicious.

A few of my favorites are the Fried Crawfish and Crab Claws Dodie's Style appetizers; Cream of Crab Soup; Fried Crawfish Salad; Blackened Tilapia with Angel Hair pasta and a side of their delicious Crawfish Basil Cream Sauce (I use it on the pasta); and any Po' Boy. I'm not a big crawfish boil aficionado, but I understand that Dodie's has the best anywhere in town. In fact, when in season (Dodie's only sells it fresh, not frozen), it is a destination spot for mudbug loving crustaceanovores to get their fix, by the pound!

I am a chef by trade and rather particular about the food I prepare for friends or for sale, but when I go out, I want good food (not gourmet or fancy most of the time), good conversation, and free flowing liquor! Dodie's is all of that, but what "genuine" New Orleans hangout would be any less. Head to Dodie's II to get good food, mud bugs by the pound, and get rowdy!